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One of two of the most popular towns in the Algarve perched on the bank of the Arade river, Portimao started life long ago as a fishing and ship building town. Today is a thriving tourist location with many activities to offer from water based to shopping and sunbathing on its incredible beaches.


Portimão is home to one of the largest of all the beaches in the Algarve called Praia de Rocha. A long and wide beach popular in the summer months and access for both pushchairs and wheelchairs alike. During the summer rental of awnings and shades are available. You’ll also find a first aid station and lifeguards spread out across the beach for safety.

A slightly smaller but equally as stunning beach is that of Praia dos Tres Castelos. Its name which means “three castles” is devised by the rock formations seen close the beach. It’s surrounded by rocky outcrops and cliffs providing some shelter to the beach. The beach also has a pair of restaurants and beach bars to accommodate your thirst and hunger with sunbeds also available for hire.

Praia do Amado is another beach west of Praia da Rocha which has sheltering features by way of tall cliffs and rocky outcrops. Access is by way of steep wooden steps from the car park at the top of the cliff with no easy wheelchair or buggy access available. During the summer season there are also lifeguards on standby here.


There are plenty of sports going on in Portimao especially in the summer. It’s well known for being the sports centre of the Algarve with a yearly football tournament on the beach as well as kitesurfing and surfing.

Powerboating - Home to one of the stages of the World Match Racing Tour Championship there are some good opportunities for powerboat hire if you have the correct licensing. As well as in Portimao there are also places further along the coast in Lagos that provide a variety of options.

Motorsport – If you are more of a thrillseeker and have a family as equally inclined then Autodromo International Racing Circuit is ideal. Located a few miles to the north from Portimão in the hills they offer everything from Go-Karting to Super Car experiences and track days.

Scuba Diving – Experience the incredible local seas and its wildlife with a Scuba diving lesson or experience. There are many schools available each with their own equipment for hire, boats and guides. The underwater life and wrecks are quite something to behold and diving is the best way to see them first hand.


Shopping in Portimão is excellent with a range of retail parks available around the outskirts of the town. Within the two itself you’ll find a quaint and eclectic mix of small shops which will have you diving in and out of them all day. From leather goods, fashion, perfumes and much more there are plenty to see and buy!

There is ample parking at the outskirts retail centres and within the town itself you’ll find an underground parking facility which will provide access to the whole town.

Aqua Portimão Shopping Centre and Portimão Retail Centre are both located on the outskirts and accessible via car.

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